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As we treat Hypothyroid  with Homeopathy , by stimulating the  thyroid gland  to secrete its OWN hormones of T3 and T4, rather than take them artificially in form of (thyronorm or eltroxin ),as our own thyroid fails to produce  these hormones. Homeopathy takes into account your physical signs and symptoms, your life style and emotions and thereby prescribes a medicine to the patient .It helps the patient to secrete his natural hormones!

But there are several other aspects to look at thyroid …

We all know that the thyroid gland is situated at the neck, and is important for the body’s metabolism and the way our body uses carbs, fats and proteins for the growth and development of every cell of our body . It also helps in temperature regulation.

The T3 and T4( Precursor of t3) are controlled by TSH of the Anterior pituitary and the TSH is further controlled by TRH in the Hypothalamus. When the TSH is released, the thyroid needs IODINE and TYROSINE to produce T3 and T4. Iodine is a mineral very crucial for the make of thyroid hormones and hence we understand the use of IODINISED SALT and iodine rich food in our diet.

Tyrosine bind with iodine, along with many things like enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals mainly VIT B6, VIT C, and Manganese .. hence it’s a good option to start taking vitamin B,C AND E supplements to support the thyroid functioning.

Emotions do have a major role in thyroid functioning—Stress and the inability to deal with it often leads to thyroid dysfunction.  Due to some sudden shock, grief or apprehension- certain neurotransmitters are released from the limbic system  ,which lead to imbalance of the  homeostasis – causing disturbances in the body mechanism and thereby leading to diabetes, thyroid etc,..depending on the genetic predisposition also.

So, learn to make meaningful relationships,  Say NO when required ,listen to yourself !

We must get over the myth that Thyroid  will not allow weight loss.

Also understand one more thing, that you mere taking a pill daily (if you already have thyroid) is not going to help you to lose weight.  Eating  right and  working out regularly will support the thyroid function .

Eating right : USE OF IODINISED FOOD : Apart  from using Iodinised SALT, also consume iodine rich food like Bananas, strawberries, carrots  and whole  grains.  Have rice, bhakri and rotis with sabzi and green leafy vegetables and other seasonal vegetables ..they are a good source of iodine.

Also don’t neglect the importance of dal, dahi and kadhi – as they are rich in amino acids.            Other sources of proteins like cheese, paneer, eggs, chicken and seafood are also important as , they are important in the secretion of t3 and t4 .

Say a Big NO-NO to all processed food, salt free chips and sugar free biscuits and icecreams. JUST GO FOR GOOD OLD HOMEMADE FOOD AND WHOLESOME FOOD.

A lot has been talked about PEANUTS, GOBI AND SOYA- — all of this can interfere with iodine absorption , PROVIDED they are taken raw. So, roast your peanuts, make a sabzi or paratha out of gobi, and have soya in form of milk or tofu.

WORKING  OUT in a structured manner will help you immensely. Cycling and swimming are good options to work out. Also spend atleast once a week in weight training  to streghten your ligaments and joints , as when thyroid function slows down, it reduces the action of calcitonin ..putting your  joints, ligaments and tendons at a risk of developing low vit d and there by injury. Yoga from a trained teacher can benefit greatly.

Sleep adequately and peacefully. Sleep is crucial as hypothyroid is attached to fatigue—which leads to secretion of cortisol-i.e the stress hormone and hence a imbalance in the thyroid hormones too..


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